Pepsi NFL vending machine

Interactive vending machine for PEPSI & NFL

The vending machine was controled remotely by an entertainer inside a booth hidden about 30m away from the vending machine. He interacted with people standing in front of it by setting them challenges and rewarding them with gifts like free Pepsi cans or ticket to NFL matches and other printed vouchers.

We built a local network web application with simple interface to allow the entertainer in his booth to send messages to the vending machine's screen, give feedback scores and control the release of Pepsi cans. He could also print out NFL tickets or vouchers, also dispensed by the machine. We put a printer inside it, a monitor, a computer with LAN network, some Go Pros and a sound system with speakers... Yet we still kept the can dispensing system working.

This project was made by Uberact for PEPSI via the AMV BBDO agency, however the software was coded by our main developer Mangosh Prunier alongside David Morasz from Uberact.

Project Management: Uberact & AMV BBDO

Development: Mangosh Prunier & David Morasz from Uberact