VR music video

Mind bending virtual reality music experience

An abstract and otherworldly virtual reality experience which immerses the user in the music with synced generative visuals. A journey through odd spaces where sound drives the piece.

Unlike most virtual reality experiences we did not want to recreate something that exists in the world and which you could experience without a vr headset. We wanted an impossible world which defies physics and earthly stereotypes.

This experience had great success everywhere we showed it: VRLO meetings, UNIVERSAL studios office, NINJA TUNE record label office and New River Studios.

People liked it a lot due to its unique and otherworldly feel, the audio-syncronisation making you feel the music and the sense of depth you get from travelling through the multiple layers of 3d graphics.

Code & design: Mangosh Prunier

Music: Ash Koosha from Ninja Tunes