Kinect VR Synthesizer

Hand & voice controlled virtual reality music instrument

The Kinect VR Synthesizer allows the user to utilise all the functions of a traditional synthesizer but through contactless interaction, using nothing but gestures, hand movements and speech recognition.

Like other synthesizers it is equipped with oscillators, lfo, filters, effects and amplifier modules. The user can play their own midi files as well as play midi notes by moving their hand from side to side in Harp Mode, or as drum pads in Drums mode. Presets can be saved and  loaded with speech recognition.

You can also record all sonic activities on the desktop in WAV format, making it quick and easy to take what is created on the K2S-VR and incorporate it into a DAW based production. Made in vvvv & HLSL.

Development & Design: Mangosh Prunier

Filming: James Stittle 

Sound mixing: Richie Kennedy