Cynical Metaballs

Hand-controlled wacky flying VR game

Oculus RIFT had just come out, we wanted to make some edgy flying game controlled by Leap Motion.
But then we got excited and we took it too far, in a good way:

We found a way to make 3d models of any landscape in the world by using topographical laser data from NASA. Then, using an obscure satellite image stitching software, we got the correct hd textures.

It was sunny, so we thought of making the game's lighting change according to the time and place you play: we geolocalise the computer, get date, time, and we calculate the actual sun position with that. 

Jermey Kyle was on telly, so we added a random insult generator when you crash. We made 12 levels and coded hand controls to select levels and name entry for saving your score to an online leaderboard.

We ran out of biscuits. So we wrote dubious jokes, improved the controls and added Leap-only mode.
By the time all this was done our tea was cold, so we called it a day and made another brew.

This VR game was presented with much success at New River Studios, TMW advertising agency and VRLO in London, as well as "La Cartonnerie" music and media centre in REIMS - France.

Code, Design: Mangosh Prunier

Concept: Mangosh Prunier, Guy Burchard