Recursive Infinity

Endless Procedural AV Show

Audio-visual live performance where endless visuals and music both follow the theme of recursive infinity: a never-ending fractal train journey through procedural abstract worlds, cities and space.

Sound and procedural 3d graphics are further connected by real-time audio-visual synchronisation and, although interminable, the show features 15 scenes and loops at 60 minutes.

Technique: visuals made with code, rendered in real-time in vvvv toolkit using our own procedural raymarching library "Izpi Ibiltzen", controlled live with LaunchCONTROL XL controller.

Visuals, code & design: Mangosh Prunier

Music: Oddjohn (played live using Ableton, Push, DSI prophet 08, Elektron RYTM, TR8, Moog Minitaur)

Special thankx to: DESiRE demo group, MERCURY demo group, Inigo Quilez, Kali, UNC, Virgill from Alcatraz, David D. Morasz and the DVA coder group.