Building projection France

Shadow-based projection mapping - Laon, France

Technique: Real-time visuals projected on a building with our own custom projection mapping software. The cool thing about generating visuals in real-time rather than using pre-rendered content is that you can change and control everything live with faders, knobs and audio-responsive sync.

We wanted to play with shadows a lot so we uses maths to procedurally generate the building and applied displacement to get wicked real-time shadows.

Visuals: Mangosh Prunier (evvvvil) and Roy Datom (Abduct).

Music: Seb Shawny.

Special thankx: the city of Laon, "Au lutin Bleu" pub, "Le Gibus" pub and "Le Vortex" pub, Andres Alvarez, Philippe Delveaux, Bertrand Vuaroqueaux, Rachid, Richard, Cyril, Dorian and Aurélie.