Leap Motion hack II

Hand controlled space travel (yeah we build spaceships)

Fly through space and draw abstract geometries with your hand tracked by the Leap Motion device.
We're proud to say this project was posted in the Prostetic Knowledge design blog.

How it works: Keytab gesture to start/pause extrusion, circle gesture to rewind. Red cubes react to DRUMS, extrusion reacts to BASS and blue circles react to NOISE.

Features: Custom audio responsive extrude geometry shader, custom audio-responsive particle system with geometry instancing & particle rotation, dynamic animated cube maps, multi-pass rendering with correctly occluded glow, real-time text effects, 3 track audio analysis.

100% audio-responsive real-time generative 3d graphics, no post-production. Made in vvvv, HLSL and C#.

Code & design: Mangosh Prunier

Music: SAGA (Lost Codes | Lit City Trax).

Same same, but different.