Euphoric Blast is a new creative studio in London

When it comes to code and design, we do it all.

We are a London based multidisciplinary creative studio.

Unlike most creative studios, we understand the bigger picture.

Our expertise of design, code, 3d and the web enables us to deliver all aspects of a project. Our solutions function seamlessly while retaining brand identity.

We bring brands and art concepts to life by developing and creating complex interactive applications and installations. Whether it is for product launches, events, stores, exhibitions or museums, we incorporate new technologies to reach out, engage and emotionally connect with the audience whilst communicating a message.

We can do it all: be it VR, 3D, projection mapping, motion graphics or interactive applications. We are constantly challenging new technologies beyond their limitations to create unforgettable interactive experiences.

It’s not just a job to us: it’s a passion. Our main coder and designer Mangosh travels Europe to enter computer graphics competitions in the demoscene and plays generative visuals at Festivals. He often passes his knowledge on by solving problems in forums, giving workshops on new technologies as well as live-coding Q&A sessions on Twitch.


Faster than drones & pigeon mail

Please contact us at: info@euphoricblast.com or use the form below: